"A world that is less than perfect will no longer be tolerated by us."

At the heart of all life there is an astounding power. As discovered by two researchers, worlds are revealed to have something akin to souls. Dubbed the Anima Mundi, a soul of a world is where all of it's life energy, past, present, and future, reside. The strengths of the Anima Mundi can be used in many astounding ways and the woman who discovered that fact and her comrades seem determined to use that power to create a perfect world. What worlds will be sacrificed for the sake of perfection and what will the residents of those worlds do when they discover the power of the Anima Mundi?


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 Aubin Séraphin
Aubin Séraphin
 Posted: Apr 10 2015, 07:19 AM
Aubin Séraphin
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"No one I've wished dead has ever been such a thorn in my side. Why is it you yet breathe?"

Character Name: Aubin Séraphin, Soul Heaven

Alignment: Dark

Source: Original Character

Soul Piece Hell;
    A scythe that holds the power of Aubin's sister's soul within. Drawing from her pool of power the Soul Piece Hell is a weapon that can be summoned to Aubin's side whenever he pleases and it cannot be broken, though it can be dissolved for a while.

    Rend - with a solid swing of his scythe a small hell portal is opened that drains a small amount of energy from a foe.
    Consume - by opening a small portal to hell, Aubin can draw energy for himself to consume, healing small wounds.
    Spikes - by dragging his scythe along the ground Aubin creates a patch of ground tainted by hell. stepping on the areas that have been tainted will harm enemies and possibly cause them to falter.

    Combat - years of harsh training have made Aubin a decent hand to hand fighter. currently his combat training allows him to possibly dodge an incoming attack, though it's not 100% yet and he can't exactly spend all day dodging.

For every one thing a man can do right there are countless wrongs. As a young man, Aubin was once very fascinated by the line that divided the right and the wrong. Like sides of a coin, these rights and wrongs were painted clearly in white and black, but reality was so much more clouded than that. There is a wickedness in all men. Heaven can masquerade as Hell just as surely as Hell can masquerade as Heaven.

In their world where duality ruled Aubin knew things that would make the normal man quiver in shameful fear. Though he had grown much since his years of idle curiosity he admits he can never leave it behind entirely. The mind of a scholar is what he feels himself to have, so he holds himself above the normal man, even the normal weapon. If Aubin's curiosity takes hold, which it is like to do when something new or unexpected comes to his attention, he will not let go until the curiosity has been sated.

It is in many different ways that Aubin reveals himself to be a rather selfish individual. Doggedly pursuing his interests without regard to how it will interfere with the rest of his life is one of these ways. Even though he was raised to be a noble, regal member of the Heaven & Hell legacy, he can be quite childish in truth. Not many know the full extent of Aubin's obsessions because though he can be childish and selfish he is also quite talented at fooling others. The thrill from successfully manipulating another person is like a drug to him, so much so in fact that he will easily lose himself to his lies, making one wonder who exactly the real Aubin is. Years of his fascination has led to him being somewhat detached or emotionally unavailable in most situations. Human life is no consequence to Aubin-- the only things that make him feel anything is his curiosity and his desire to manipulate.

Aubin is Hell masquerading as Heaven.


A clipping from Sei's history for his character to explain the background
Living Weapons were legends. What they were was something more than human, as they were born with an amazing spiritual presence. It wasn't until the first soul pieces were made that it was realized Living Weapons always came in pairs and they could not harness their own spiritual energy and only their other half's. The opposing pairs were always born into the same familial line and sometimes were radically different ages. More often than not the Living Weapon pairs were children born to the same parents with a few year gap at the most. The Living Weapons were honored and used in times of war after it was realized they could pour a piece of their soul, and thus a link to their core, into a weapon for their opposing element to use. For a time countries were ruled by the families with Living Weapons in their lines. In all of the world though there is only a set number of Living Weapons and they're always born into a specific family which wears the crest of the weapon. Known Living Weapons that are still in existence are Black and White of the gun crest, Sun and Moon of the scimitar crest, Sin and Virtue of the mace crest, Air and Earth of the bow crest, Water and Fire of the polearm crest, and the most powerful is Heaven and Hell of the scythe crest.

The Séraphin legacy has been etched into the history of the world. From the beginning of recorded history the Séraphins have held positions of power, once ruling entire sprawling countries. The reason for the Séraphin legacy is mainly due to the Living Weapons that had been born into their familial line: Heaven and Hell, the most well known of all the Living Weapons. Century after century the Heaven and Hell Living Weapons that were born to the Séraphin family proved to be outrageously powerful, causing many to bow to their power.

Aubin was born into the Séraphin family and instantly recognized as the first of the new Living Weapon pair. While Aubin's parents assured he would have a younger sibling, he was pampered and brought up learning everything a regal young man would need to know. It was not until he was five that he received his younger sibling, a sister who would have a soul that would resonate with his own. Being the first born, Aubin was given the title of Soul Heaven and his younger sister the title of Soul Hell.

As he grew Aubin became a voracious learner. From fighting to politics, Aubin would not refuse any tutoring given to him. While he appeared to be the shining star of his family his younger sister became nothing but a placeholder. Though the young girl would have been revered in normal circumstance, Aubin cast a grand shadow that the young Soul Hell fell directly into. All along, this seemed a part of Aubin's grand plan.

By the age of sixteen Aubin was taking the position of head of the family due to his father's ailing health. Aubin's mother withered away by the bedside of his father and by the time he was eighteen they were both dead. With Aubin fully in control of the Séraphin family he began investing in questionable things, building businesses that became instantly wealthy, and donating copious amounts of money to charity to paint himself and the Séraphin family in a better light. It was at this time that Aubin began contracting a vast number of bounty hunters to eliminate other family with Living Weapons.

The family of Soul Black and Soul White in particular was one Aubin wished to crush, as he had learned that for the first time in the history of the world the Living Weapons were born as twins and had a truly terrifying amount of power. One particular bounty hunter that Aubin hired, a woman by the name of Kraithe, instantly became enamoured with the concept of slaughtering the pair. Many close kills later, Aubin lost his patience with Kraithe and demanded she bring him the head of one of the pair or he would kill her himself.

To Aubin's surprise, Soul White arrived on his doorstep in the hands of a half dead Kraithe. The bounty hunter revealed that she had told Soul White who hired her which had sent him into a bloodthirsty rage that was almost enough to kill her. An intense curiosity overcame Aubin, so he chose to let Soul White live so they might speak. By the time Soul White awoke he was seated opposite the lifeless body of Kraithe, whom Aubin had murdered for daring reveal who hired her. After speaking with Soul White Aubin decided he needed to keep the man close until his curiosity was sated. Aubin promptly blackmailed Soul White into being his personal bodyguard.

RP Example:
    Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. A smug little expression made it's way to Aubin's face. At that exact minute his new plaything was being prepared for his first jaunt out as a bodyguard. Aubin knew well what the other houses would have to say about his sudden change in stance and he would allow them to gossip for a time. Worthless worms would spit barbs at his feet with the intent of tripping him up. Nothing could topple the house of Heaven and Hell though and that lesson would crush the other houses if they weren't careful.

    Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

    Aubin glanced to the clock casually. A few more minutes, he thought. Smirking, Aubin snapped his fingers and said, "I require a damp cloth. Once I have cleaned the blood from my hands I expect this body to be removed." To punctuate the point he nudged Kraithe's lifeless face with his shoe. The slack-jawed open mouth look was disgusting.

    Behind the chair there was a swish. Shifting somewhat. One of the hallmarks of good help was that they bowed in respect even when they weren't being looked upon. Aubin smirked. Imagination conjured the image of Soul White bowing in such a manner. It was truly amusing to the regal man. A moment passed and a darkly clad young man came forth holding out a bowl of warm water with a towel soaking within.


    Set to the task of cleaning the blood from his hands gave Aubin more time to ponder something. Focused on blood under his nails he suddenly asked, "What is the name of Soul White?"

    "His name, Lord?"

    Hesitation and uncertainty were unsightly. The boy before him must have been rather new on his payroll which was something of a shame. Sighing, Aubin summoned his scythe and swung it in one fluid movement. Thud. As the body dropped so did the bowl of water he was holding. "Look at the mess you've made."

    Blood began to spread and dye the fine cream colored carpet rusty red. Life was so fragile it was almost a joke to Heaven. Body after body would drop at his feet and how often did he even break a sweat? How humorous. As time passed with Soul White in his employ he hoped to see those slender hands stained in blood just like this. Self preservation would be the first and most important lesson he hammered into the fool. Even considering throwing his own life away for the sake of another person was just too laughable to Aubin.

    No, not even Hell herself would receive any kind of favor from him to those extremes.


    The beautiful young Celeste appeared instantly with a bow, eyes not betraying any surprise if she even felt any. Of all the black clad soldier servants that ran about this house it was this young woman who had surprised him the most with her resilience. Lives faded quite quickly in the Heaven and Hell household. Aubin smiled at the young woman serenely. "Clean this mess for me won't you? Oh and answer me a question while you're at it."

    "What do you wish to know, my lord?" her voice was sweet and soft. There wasn't an ounce of hesitation in her form as she knelt to begin cleaning the blood.

    "I wish to know the name of Soul White." Aubin hummed softly to himself. Soul White. Those haunting empty eyes were only the beginning of what interested Aubin. Thirst surfaced. Desire to know everything about the pathetic little creature. Soul White and Soul Black were the only thing in the world that seemed even remotely worth investigating lately, so having Soul White in his possession was exciting.

    "Seion, my lord. Whatever last name his family claimed has long since been cast off though."

    A smile. Aubin couldn't help himself where it concerned that man. Seion was his name. Interesting. "You have my thanks. I believe I will go tend to the man now, so make sure this is all out of my sight when I return."

    His hands clean, he tossed the soiled towel over the body of his second victim and turned to leave the room. All of his thoughts were about Soul White and what exactly he could learn of him.

Player Alias: Caiden
 Posted: Apr 10 2015, 05:08 PM
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Well now.

You have done something really, really interesting with this character and I am intrigued about what this guy will do around here especially since he is so cruel and god, you and Sei have an interesting dynamic going on that I can't wait to see exploited.

I could gush forever but gfkjdfgjjgbfgbdfjbj I'm more interested in seeing this guy on the boards like right now. Gosh Caiden, have a blast with this guy!
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