"A world that is less than perfect will no longer be tolerated by us."

At the heart of all life there is an astounding power. As discovered by two researchers, worlds are revealed to have something akin to souls. Dubbed the Anima Mundi, a soul of a world is where all of it's life energy, past, present, and future, reside. The strengths of the Anima Mundi can be used in many astounding ways and the woman who discovered that fact and her comrades seem determined to use that power to create a perfect world. What worlds will be sacrificed for the sake of perfection and what will the residents of those worlds do when they discover the power of the Anima Mundi?


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anima mundi
a panfandom role-play

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Apr 8 2015, 09:56 PM
[doHTML]<center><div style="width: 500px; text-align: justify">It kind of reminded him of Lindblum. Hustle and bustle, conversation buzzing like a pleasantly familiar white noise even if all the names and some of the subjects were wholly unfamiliar to him. Drifting through the city Blank couldn't help that his thieving instincts kicked in. A coin here, a coin there. As the young man unintentionally headed for the port he quickly filled his pockets with the local currency, which was a relatively smart idea even if the way he did it was a smidge against the rules. Or entirely against the rules, who here was splitting hairs?<br><br>

Slowly conversation died down, the crowds got thinner and thinner, and then the loudest sound was the water splashing against the docks. Every so often Blank would see some interestingly dressed sailors rushing by, shouting orders and looking like they were about to go fight some big war. Wars didn't seem like they happened here, at least not to Blank. Confusing as the big bad leaders seemed to be there wasn't any overwhelming opposition with a great military force on the way. That could have been because of their navy though constantly rushing around and squashing any power that looked like it could shake a stick.<br><br>

Hopefully if any big war actually broke out here he'd be long gone. Watching as powers clashed wasn't Blank's style and heaven knows he'd seen enough for a lifetime. Rebuilding was taxing, seeing familiar names on graves was taxing. Even just the memories were too much to consider sometimes. At least back then Blank had his buddies in Tantalus around, though they hadn't had him around for... a while. Whatever, his limbs felt stiff just thinking about it. Stretching as he walked down a dock he thought about what he'd do now.<br><br>

New location, nothing but stolen change in his pockets. Brow furrowed a little he settled down on the edge of the docks and looked over all of the ships. Blank missed the Prima Vista and putting on plays with the gang. The idea of having no clue how to get back to that and having to deal with being here would have been so much easier to swallow if he at least had some clue what to do in the meantime. If he could gather up enough money he could try to get his own ship, sail the seas and act like some kind of pirate. Maybe if Blank was lucky he'd run into like-minded individuals or, if he was impossibly lucky, some of the Tantalus crew again. With a big sigh he fell back, feet dangling over the dock and face skyward.<br><br>

Images of flying airships danced in his mind, clips of plays rumbling about on the tip of his tongue. Slowly Blank let his eyes closed and he considered his options. It almost felt like he was back home, shirking some responsibilities while taking a nap on the pier. That was a pleasant thought to him. Hell, it wasn't even that Blank was always shirking his responsibilities when he did that, he sometimes went out of the way to practice his lines where he knew he wouldn't be disturbed. Like an incantation to take him to the familiar, Blank mumbled, "We shall back thee, Kinsman!"
Apr 2 2015, 04:46 PM

"I hate Oglops..."

Character Name:


Final Fantasy IX

A plain sword

Fire- a basic fire elemental magic
Steal- attempts to swipe something from a foe, mostly used for plotting
Guard- there's a far better chance to take less damage from a single attack, not an all inclusive guard and not always effective
Blitz- a concentrated dodge, not all inclusive or exactly all that effective in all situations

Blank is a self-assured, head strong man who might even be called cocky in certain situations. His demeanor is usually very relaxed, though he does seem to make good first impressions when he has the chance. Blank's cocky attitude has been known to get him into trouble though, as he likes to brag about being a ladies man or a great fighter. Certain aspects of what he says is true, but Blank always seems to have a way of inflating the truth when it suits his image. Where this cockiness fades though is in matters of protecting/saving close friends. Blank is a deceptively loyal man who would sacrifice himself for his friends, which he has already done once before. His closest friend Marcus is where this trait seems to shine most- though with Zidane in second place for brodome.
  • Raised by Baku from a very young age, Blank got his name from the play "I want to be your canary" like some of the other Tantalus members
  • As a child Blank was reckless at best, often getting into serious trouble that lead to terrible injuries. When he was recovering he had plenty of time to talk with Marcus, eventually leading them to be best friends.
  • When dealing with Ruby Blank can get entirely flabbergasted, tripping over his words like a complete idiot.

RP Example:
[doHTML]<center><div style="width: 500px; text-align: justify">"Take this, you'll need this."<br><br>

Blank pressed a sword into Ruby's reluctant grasp and whipped around before she could protest (and that had to be quickly considering the rate at which Ruby could bite someone's head off for something). There wasn't much around, but he found a rock to jump on and from his perch he continued, "You have to hold it up, strong alright? Come on, you're not going to trick anyone into thinking you're a protagonist if you keep slouching with your sword in the dirt. Hold it up like Zidane does. You've seen how he handles the fight scenes so just... imitate that a little. You don't have to be as cocky, but you have to have steel in your eyes. Certainty. No self respecting hero would doubt themselves."<br><br>

There was a long pause where she looked from the blade she held so limply back to Blank and then slowly said, "...I'm awful sorry, darlin'. I didn't make the cut this time." It was insistent enough and felt far too final to Blank.<br><br>

"You're gonna listen to me right the fuck now," Blank snapped. There was only a pinch of remorse in his eyes and none in his deeply set scowl. Now was no time to be soft- it was time to be a man of Tantalus. A deviant, unfeeling and set in his ways. His blood was nearly boiling and his ears were ringing, but he kept going. "Your role is set, Ruby. I play the evil king and you the hero. By this point in our tale I've sent my minions to raid your village and kill everyone you ever knew. I destroyed any happiness you ever envisioned for your life and forced you down an arduous road. You hearing me? I'm the fucking badguy." Blank gestured with a sword of his own, banging it against his chest as his voice escalated.<br><br>

"Shut yer damn mouth and get that sword pointin' at the right person," Ruby hissed.<br><br>

Without a single moment of pause Blank screamed, "I said come on you half-assed actress I'm fuckin waiting! Apply some of that poison to the role and stop acting like a lost little girl!"<br><br>

"Least I got the guts to face whut I'm feelin'!!" She stamps her foot, hands balled up tightly enough to shake at her sides. It's fear that makes them unsteady, that's no secret, but she'd swear a million times that he'd just really pissed her off. "Oh fine then," she conceded as she pulled her sword up and held it in her hands as if deep in thought. "Lot less blunt than I'm used to..."<br><br>

Blank didn't feel any calmer- in fact he still felt furious at both their situation and himself for not handling this better. It could have been a play and he could have been the villain, but it wasn't a fucking play and he wasn't kidding anyone. By the end of this encounter one of them had to die and it just couldn't be Ruby- maybe she was right that he wasn't facing what he was feeling, but he damn well didn't need to in order to get this done. He didn't have to change... "What I'm feeling, you said? Hah. You say that like it's common practice to just spill our fucking guts all the time. Since when have we ever done that? How many times did we almost die and have a fucking feelings jam? It's not... how any of this works. No fooling around. We have parts to play here and I just fucking gave you yours."<br><br>

For a second he caught a slight wavering in her expression, but then was frowning like he was used to seeing and it was as if he had imagined things. All throughout her body he could see his own stresses mirrored, and it served to put him further on edge.<br><br>

"But Juliet, huh?... How'd ya know? Always did mean to play her someday. It's funny, kinda..." That's when she steps back, bracing the tip of the blade just between her ribs. She manages a small smile then, just like she always does. "This ain't no happy dagger, but it'll do."<br><br>

The distance sends his heart into his throat and he feels himself viciously jumping forward. Without any form of control the man wraps his fist about her blade and attempts to pull it back just a bit. He expresses no pain, makes no sound, but looks to Ruby with cold cold eyes. Blood drips from his fresh wounds down the blade to leave little droplets of crimson on her pure white blouse. Blank spent only a moment looking at them before forcing himself to look away. "Got the wrong role, Rubes. It's not like you to mix up your scripts. And even if you were Juliet, you're missing something pretty key. A dead Romeo."<br><br>

They were in a deadlock.<br><br>

With an odd kind of trepidation, Blank brought his free hand up to cup Ruby's face. With an odd kind of laugh he thought about how warm she was and how pleasant it felt against his palm. The pain was starting to blossom in his hand and all he could think about was her and all of the things he couldn't quite articulate. Blank let his hand trace down her face, brush her hair away, and rest on the nape of her neck. Gently he pulled her face a little closer and leaned in. Breathing was getting a little harder with the pain in his hand escalating the way it was, especially since he was beginning to assert more pressure over the blade to pull it further away. Ruby had finally relinquished the weapon and he smiled. "Juliet," he whispered against her ear, "Ah, dear Juliet, why art thou yet so fair? Shall I believe that unsubstantial death is amorous, and that the lean abhorred monster keeps thee here in dark to be his paramour? For fear of that, I still will stay with thee; and never from this palace of dim night depart again. Here, here will I remain with worms that are thy chamber-maids; O, here will I set up my everlasting rest, and shake the yoke of inauspicious stars from this world-wearied flesh. Eyes, look your last... Arms, take your last embrace... and, lips, O you the doors of breath, seal with a righteous kiss a dateless bargain to engrossing death..."<br><br>

Full of daring, the thief stole a kiss as he brought his sword-bearing bloodied hand behind his back. The point dug into his skin with a little force and Blank whispered, "Here's to my love."<br><br>

And there, his scene was fated to end.
Ruby Courtesy of Kitty, minor modifications made.

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